Best Foods Proven to Reverse Diabetes?

Flax-seed: being specific now, are we? 

does-flax-reverse-diabetesYes, we are. I know I said any kind of seed would do, but this is one you really have to try. These babies are full of good fats, protein, and fiber. There’s also a whole lot of magnesium, which help cells use insulin, resulting in better blood-sugar control. 



Apples: can one a day keep diabetes away? 

does-apples-recerse-diabetesApples are known for their uncanny ability to keep doctors away. Unbeknownst to some, it also has a similar ability in terms of diabetes. Naturally, apples have very low calorie content. What they do have, though, is a high fiber content that keeps you from being hungry for a long time. Other benefits of this very high fiber content is its role in fighting away bad cholesterol and calming sometimes unpredictable blood-sugar swings. 

It is also a very good antioxidant, known for fighting off a lot of diseases, not just diabetes. If one intends to have any sort of healthy diet, a good thing to do would be placing this food in the core of that diet. 

Not just apples, but all fresh fruits in general contain a whole lot of fiber and antioxidants. Just eating three servings of fresh fruits every day is enough to lower the risk of getting diabetes by 18 percent. 

Avocado: a rich, creamy diabetes-fighter? 

can-avacodo-cure-diabetesI’m going to be specific again here, but this food is just so full of beneficial monounsaturated fats. How is the benefit? Well, consuming these are sure to slow digestion and control blood-sugar spikes after meals. If that’s not enough, adding this food into your diet is sure to help reverse insulin resistance, and maybe even diabetes. 


Berries: a healthy alternative to chocolate-lovers? 

can-berries-cure-diabetesWant something simple and sweet? Go for berries. Like chocolate, they have a lot of antioxidants and, unlike chocolate, a lot of fiber. The red and blue ones specifically have anthocyanin, a component which boosts insulin production, resulting in lower blood-sugar. 



Beef: not all diabetes-reversing foods grow from the soil? 

Does-beef-help-diabetesGoing on a mission to reverse diabetes in your life does not mean you can only get protein from fruits and veggies. That would be hard and stressful for long-time omnivores. Of course, beef being on this list doesn’t mean you can over-indulge yourself. Beef is good for diabetes as long as only the leanest cuts are consumed. The amount also cannot go over a fourth of a plate. This amount would provide you with just enough protein to keep you full. This kind of protein also has a huge part in maintaining muscle mass, which will keep your metabolism high as you’re losing weight. 

Chicken: another one with a face? 

can-chicken-reverse-diabetesAnother food that can be good for diabetes at a certain degree is chicken, specifically chicken breast. The breast is low on fat, especially compared to the other parts–the thighs, for example. Chicken skin is also a big no-no as it contains one of the highest saturated fat content around. 



Eggs: the cholesterol is nothing to fear? 

do-eggs-stop-diabetesA chickens product–eggs–are also known to be diabetes-friendly as they are teeming with high-quality protein. Don t be afraid of it though, an egg a day is enough to maintain a healthy amount of cholesterol and will provide you with a fullness that would keep you from grabbing random snacks in an extended period of time. 


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