Best Foods Proven to Reverse Diabetes?

Carrots: do we have to stop feeding them to horses and bunny rabbits? 

can-carrots-stop-diabetesWell, not necessarily, but you seriously need to start eating them yourself. 

Okay, before anything: no, carrots do not rapidly raise blood-sugar. I’m not going to lie, though, they do contain sugar, but the amount is so extremely low. This low amount of sugar will most definitely be trumped by the food s benefits. Two words man: beta-carotene, for which carrot is the richest natural source out there. Like the chromium, beta-carotene helps immensely with reversing diabetes through giving its consumer better blood-sugar control. Beta-carotene in general is found to be associated with decreasing the risk of getting diabetes. 

Carrot isn’t the only one in its species that can reverse diabetes, all non-starchy, non-green vegetables have the power to help with the cause. While all of these do have some sugar, like the carrot, they have little to no effect on blood glucose. They’re also a very good source of fiber and several phytochemicals. 

Sweet Potatoes: they’re starchy, is this allowed?

can-sweet-potatoes-stop-diabetesYes, they are starchy, but this foods’ benefits greatly outweigh its starchiness. Want me to drop names? There’s carotenoids, orange and yellow pigments, all of which are known to help the body respond better to insulin. There’s also chlorogenic acids, which reduce the body’s resistance to insulin. Other than these, there are more nutrients and disease-fighting fibers jam-packed into this little crop. The best part is that 40 percent of these nutrients are soluble. 

Beans: not only good for huge beanstalks but also for reversing diabetes? 

can-beans-reverse-diabetesThink you’re getting low on carbohydrates? Go for beans, lentils, or any other legume. All of these foods have a lot of fiber, some protein, and very little glycemic load. The fiber is one that is soluble and is known to reverse high blood sugar. It has a resistant starch component that is too tough for our small intestines to break down. Because of this, the amount of calories one can absorb from beans and like are greatly reduced. Regularly consuming beans and other legumes have been known to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. 

Beans also have a bonus. They don t only reduce risk for diabetes, but also for colon cancer. You see, the food also has a component called resistant starch that is fermented by bacteria in the colon. This fermentation creates products that raise protection against colon cancer. 

Nuts: the ultimate diabetes-reversing foods? 

can-nuts-cure-diabetesIf you look at the percentage, yes. A study showed that nuts reduced the risk of diabetes by 27 percent if five or more servings of said foods are consumed per week. This is probably because, like beans, nuts also have very low glycemic load. They are also composed of very high fiber and protein content. The food does a lot of good to blood sugar as it is the slow burning type of food. 

Like the beans, nuts also have a bonus. Coupled with the lowered risk, the aforementioned study also says that eating five or more servings of nuts would reduce the risk of heart disease by 47 percent. 

Seeds: small but terrible diabetes-fighters? 

can-seeds-stop-diabetesIf you’re not a fan of nuts, try out seeds. They have everything nuts have to offer for the prevention and reversing of diabetes, but with the added component of cholesterol-lowering sterols. 




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