Best Foods Proven to Reverse Diabetes?

The UGLY Truth About Diabetes

We are going to discuss “Top 20 best foods proven to reverse diabetes” but first some hard facts. Warning the following is rated “R” and is not suitable for younger audiences…lol. 

cure-diabeted-ribbonAmong the top causes of death in the U.S., diabetes takes the seat of the unlucky 7th. Nobody wants it because: 

1. Who really wants to get sick, right? This illness isn’t exactly the  it’ll excuse me from a day from stressful work and/or school  type. It is one that would change your life forever and may one day, even prevent you from going to work and/or school permanently. 

2. If diabetes doesn’t kill you, the doubled risk of a stroke, cancer, or heart attack will. Remember, diabetes is a degenerative disease. It won’t stop with just making your sugar levels erratic if left alone, that you can be sure of. 

3. Diabetes SUCKS. The process is lifestyle-changing. It isn’t wanting to lose weight will change your lifestyle. At least the internal contemplation with losing weight would go more along the lines of “Veggies every day for lunch or probably getting love handles by next week?” as opposed to the one for diabetes, which is more like “Veggies every day for lunch or death?” Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but it’s pretty darn close.

After reading all this, you’re probably opening new tabs to look for that magic pill that would reverse diabetes after a few weeks, a month tops. If you are, you probably were not paying that much attention to number three. I wasn’t joking when I said that dealing with diabetes is lifestyle-changing. You won’t nip it in the bud after a few weeks of popping pills and doing nothing else about it. Yes, technology is surfing the sweet tides of progress rather well these days, but are you really just going to let diabetes eat away at your body while you wait for that magic pill, the release date of which, my I just remind you, eludes not only us, but it’s very creators as well? I’ve already said that we need to stop with the sugarcoating so I’ll give it to you straight: you’ll probably be dead or close to it by the time that pill comes out.

 Okay, so we have established that you can’t rely on magic pills, now what? I have for you only one word: food. Yes, food did you get into this situation in the first place, but it also has the power to get you out of it. No matter what stage of diabetes you are, you can help reverse it with the food. This list right here was designed to help you with that. 

Broccoli: the top food for reversing diabetes?

can-broccoli-reverse-diabetesThis is probably real bad news for a lot of people, but like I said, diabetes is lifestyle-changing. If you want the process to work, you’re going to have to let your lifestyle be changed. Let s start with that Avoiding broccoli at all cost  rule, okay?

 Broccoli is more than just green and icky, it is full of fiber, vitamin C, and anti-oxidants. The best part is the chromium, an element that is crucial in maintaining good blood-sugar for an extended period of time. It’s not so icky now that you know that it’s four supplement pills in one, right?

 Along with broccoli on top of the diabetes-reversing food chain are all the other leafy green vegetables in existence. Consuming these foods are also said to lead to lower the risk of getting diabetes by 14 percent. Carter, Gray, and Troughton can attest to this as this little piece of information came from their recent meta-analysis. LA Bazzano had even gone as far as saying that every serving of leafy green vegetables would lower the risk by 9 percent.

Despite the fact that green is definitely not their color, those vegetables are the foods with the best nutrient to calorie ratio you can find in the supermarket.

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