Diabetes Low Carb Diets

Low-carb diets are such programs which restrict the consumption of carbohydrates in an individual’s diet. It is so because fats and carbohydrates take precedence in the eating habits of many individuals, and they are harmful for the body if taken in bulk. Mainly diabetics adopt such a diet. People also make use of it to avoid the risk of getting diabetes. In a regular diet people don’t really feel full until they have something sweet. So basically a low-carb diet is good for diabetic prevention purposes.

A person is said to be diabetic when the sugar level in their blood is higher than the regular. Which is why they are unable to properly digest sugar and starch. So, the diet of a diabetic person should be high in fiber and low in fat. It should also be rich in phytochemicals, vitamins, antioxidants & minerals. Also, foods with a very low glycemic index is helpful in such a situation. Some of the foods included in low-carb diets are cheese, fish, eggs, poultry and meat along with some selected vegetables.

While many people call a low carb diet the best medicine for diabetic people, many experts claim that eliminating carbohydrates from one’s diet could result in a lot of problems. Mainly because carbohydrates serve as a great source of energy for our body, keeping us internally warm and cozy. Although it is true that a lot of carbohydrates are harmful for the diabetics, experts recommend them a daily intake of at least 130 grams. Where studies showed that low carb causes no undesirable effect on the cholesterol level in blood or the level of insulin, or glucose for that matter, the lack of carbohydrates could make a person generally weak. Having said that, anyone can alter the diet plan to cater to their needs. So make sure that you have all the facts and figures, figured out so that you could alter a plan to maximize the results.

So, limiting the amount of carbs in your diet can result in very disastrous outcomes. First of all you can experience weight loss (a lot of weight loss can be very problematic), it could be in your favor if you have it under control. Weight loss is one of the very few things which will allow you to control diabetes, for with weight loss comes a better control of the insulin & sugar level in the blood. Having said that, even a minor loss like 10% is great for diabetic control. So make sure that you have the whole plan under control. Furthermore, weight loss allows you to keep your condition under control. When paired with a physical exercise routine, you’ll see the impact on your sugar level very clearly. Some examples could be long walks and some other minor exercises. It isn’t that the whole exercise plan will impact on your diabetes greatly, it just helps you develop the right mindset towards your well-being so that you maintain it over time and live a longer, healthier life.


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