Heather Anderson

My name is Heather and I am a retired Nurse Case Manager. First, I do not have diabetes. However, a few years back I was diagnosed by my primary care Doctor as a pre-diabetic. My previous lifestyle was obviously the reason. I was basically a couch potato. I enjoyed sweets a little too much (still do…lol) and I was 23 pounds heaver than I am now.  Sitting in an office for 8 hours, driving home, sitting in front of the TV and enjoying some snacks didn’t help. It was a downward spiral. Obviously nothing good came out of all of this.

The news was shocking for me. How could I be borderline Type 2 Diabetic and not realized it on my own? I am a Nurse! I should know better! It’s not that I was that much overweight and there’s no history of it in my family either, at least as far as I know. Now when I look back I can plainly see that my lifestyle was completely unhealthy. I needed to change my routine immediately.

My doctor told me that I have two options: start with medication immediately or change my eating habits, lifestyle and start to exercise to try regulating my glucose levels without medication. He explained to me that type 2 diabetes can be regulated with proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Whichever option I choose, change of habits was necessary. I decided I will try to beat diabetes without medication.

My lifestyle got a complete overhaul. No more salty snacks or sweets on a daily basis. No more fast food or convenience meals from the microwave. What I had to learn at the time was what food to eat, how various foods impact my glucose levels and how to keep those levels under control. You can’t do this on your own. My dietitian was a great help. The learning process is easy. Sticking to new food is the stressful part as the cravings were horrible. I could barely control myself. I wanted to give up on my new routine and just go back to the old ways.

Exercise is the key. I started with walks and gradually progressed to jogging and long distance running. If I had not done that, I would have probably reverted back to my old self. I would still be without proper control over my own actions and quite frustrated about it. I didn’t want to take medications or daily insulin shots.

My routines changed quite a bit. I cooked every day and took home cooked meals to work. My family helped me through the process as well. They even decided to check their glucose levels regularly as well and started eating healthier. We had snacks in the house, of course, but they were homemade and safe for me.

Over time, the new routine became normal. It wasn’t hard to follow, and my cravings were gone as well. I felt much better, slept better, had more energy and wasn’t tired. I could feel the change doing wonders for my body and mind as well. I was more cheerful and even the traffic jams couldn’t throw me off balance anymore.

After losing weight and eating healthy, I now keep my glucose levels under control without taking medication. It is not possible to cure Diabetes yet, but you can defeat it with a healthy lifestyle. The changes you need to make are big, but your health is at stake, so fight for it!

Now if I can only convince my Husband, who is a full blown type 2 diabetic to do the same!!! He is a nonconforming diabetic and eats whatever he wants, and regularly skips his medications. He thinks nothing at all when his glucose is over 500!!! Well if I can not help him, maybe I can help others. Eventually he will come around.



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